Why choose Trouville ?

When you live and work in Paris in August, and you’re broke, because you’ve somehow spent all of your money on small weekends here and there, and you cannot afford a vacation somewhere exclusive, such as South of France or Greece, what do you do? You go to Trouville for five days, or better, I go to Trouville for five days. When you tell a Parisian about it though, he’ll look at you with a condescending sneer and after a long pause, say: “Really? Why?”. Because to a Parisian, Trouville is equivalent to Brighton, the cheap weekend option of a Londoner. He’ll go there for a day trip on a weekend, but five days, in August? Really? You would be surprised to know, as much as I was, how incredibly liberating, relaxing and soulful such a trip can be. Once again, it all depends on what one is looking for – if it’s partying, good-looking crowd with perfect bodies and magnum bottles of Champagne – then you have the right to sneer. No this is not Mykonos. In Trouville the weather is not too hot, the sea water is far from being crystal clear, and the ambiance is everything but hype. Actually it’s calm. Very calm. It’s a fisherman’s town, so if you love fresh fish like I do, and you enjoy long walks on the beach, then keep reading.

It is all about yoga, meditation, fresh fish, and reasonable expenses.

IMG_7546The purpose of this solo trip was that of relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

The train that leaves from Central Paris and takes you to the station of Deauville – Trouville takes only 2 hours and costs about 50 EUR both ways. Indeed, it’s cheaper than the insurance expenses of a flight to Bali or Maldives.

I rented a reasonably cheap studio – the price for 5 days in Trouville was 1/10th of what it would be in Saint-Tropez. Although, the yachts in Trouville are definitely less impressive. But again, it all depends upon what one is looking for – I was definitely not in it for the yachts, nor the yacht owners.

The studio I rented was recently renovated. It was everything I was looking for: clean and with a breathtaking view to the seaside. In the mornings, I would sit on the terrasse with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise, and in the evenings, I would light a bunch of candles, essential oils, some ‘old school’ music, and savour a plate of shellfish, whilst watching the sunset.

IMG_7773The only downside, or upside if you will, was the uphill walking every day. My apartment was located on the hills, which I was not aware of when I booked it. Due to this, my butt has never been as toned as it is today – not even when I did regular squats at the gym. I’ve learned to double check my grocery shopping list – not to forget anything, because once you’re at the top, and you realize that you’re missing garlic for your pasta, trust me, you’re not too excited to walk all the way downhill, then uphill, to buy it.

I’ve jogged on the insanely vast and gorgeous beaches every morning and every evening. I’ve practiced all types of yoga, from #yin (the slowest) to #ashtanga (the most intense type) at the renowned yoga centre (which we also have in Paris) called ‘Le Tigre Yoga’, where I have met the most inspirational and gifted Reiki healers, yoga teachers and life-coaches.

I ate the most exquisite and fresh shellfish everyday because downhill from my apartment there was an enormous fish market, where the choice of fish made my head spin. Being a fish lover, I woke up really early every morning in order to get to the market for the opening hours.

Spending time in Trouville made my heart overflow with happiness and love. I was mindful. I paid attention to the smallest of details – from the movement of birds, to the sound of waves and the constantly changing colours of the sky. I was profoundly aware of the stillness that surrounded me whilst I was practicing meditation on the beach. I have even cried out of happiness. I’m not kidding. It does happen. Although even my own mother doesn’t believe me – she says that I must have confused it for sadness.

Did you meet anyone ?

The first question that I got from my friends after the trip, was: “Did you meet anyone?”. For God’s sake, people should stop limiting their lives to a search of a partner. My answer to your question is: “No I did not meet anyone, and I had no intention to!”. Although, I did kindly refuse a few dinner invitations, in order to have dinner on my own – because I truly enjoy my own company, and maybe you should ask yourself whether you do too.

I’ve spent two evenings dining at the “Le Central” restaurant, which is famous for its delicious and fresh mussels. It was so good that I literally felt as if I was having a deep and meaningful relationship with my bowl of mussels. Looking back at it makes me want to book another ticket to Trouville just to enjoy that kind of delight in a plate again.




I definitely advise this kind of trip to recharge one’s batteries to anyone who lives in Paris. Are you tired? Are you fed up with your job, boyfriend, friends or life in general? Well if you have 50 EUR for a ticket to Trouville, don’t wait any longer, go get yourself re-cenetered! Not that I was fed up with my life when I went there, but I was definitely exhausted due to long working hours, and I was desperately needing a break.

I assure you, that after this kind of trip, you will feel re-energized and relaxed. You always have the option to stay in Deauville, which is a city attached to Trouville, but I sincerely advise Trouville more. It is lively, colourful, and it offers more options in terms of restaurants and places to see.

If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me or comment below.



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