Dear Reader,

My name is Julsie and I have created YourSoulfulGuide to empower, educate and inspire men and women on their soul searching journey. It is aimed for those who are feeling broken, lost and confused. For those who are questioning life, their goals, values and lifestyle choices. YourSoulfulGuide will help you re-evaluate yourself, to look inside your soul and to empower you to heal your broken parts. If you are feeling a little lost on  this journey called life, you are in the right place. Keep reading. Image

I will speak my truth bluntly, and sarcastically at times. Because without a joke or two the subjects at hand would get a little heavy, or boring for some. With an even  blend of silly and serious, which is a reflection of my personality, YourSoulfulGuide intends to make its readers reflect, question and doubt themselves, with the purpose of encouraging them to take a road less travelled; the one of self-transformation.

Why can you trust me in this journey, you will ask. Because I have been lost before, just like everyone. I was searching for the perfect job, partner, apartment and friends to make me happy. I was clinging to everything that was external, only to discover that it was not the outside world that needed changing, it was me. My life was a wreck. I was a magnet for the profoundly unhappy, insecure, sexually confused, and nightclubbing types of men. I loved them more than I loved myself; discovering what kind of worst evil it was, to lose oneself in the process of loving another. I have been low on luck too. Accidents, job losses. Name them. Been there, done that. An endless cycle of misery and bad luck. Until I ‘found’ God and learned how to pray. Because when life gets tough, we cling to an invisible force that we have ignored all along, and we understand its limitless power. I was stuck in the dark desperately seeking a way out. Spiritualists call this process: the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. Praying for the men I loved in an attempt to ‘save’ them. Being possessed by parasitic thoughts, preventing me from enjoying myself and living in the moment. Going from periods of isolation, prayer and fasting, to partying and drinking with friends. A life of extremes, where the only lesson to be learned was balance. And once I have found that balance, I have discovered what it felt like to be in a state of complete and utter bliss and content. I then wanted to share my ingredients  for a happier and healthier life with others, because when I looked around myself, all I saw were lost souls seeking for a guiding light. Hence, the purpose of YourSoulfulGuide. To shine a guiding light inside your consciousness; inside your soul.

I don’t intend to be a life coach telling you to quit your job, to sell your apartment and to move to the beach to live your life purpose. Because that is called escape. Running away from yourself is not the answer. I know, because I was running for far too long. No matter where I moved and which job I found, I was never satisfied. Never happy with myself. Today, I work as a salesperson in a well known designer brand in Paris, and in the evenings I write. I feel happy and blessed. I love my day job and I love  my passion. I never get bored and I have learned to manage my time in order to combine the love for both. Although, I have changed a fair share of jobs before. I worked in Human Resources, in the Car Industry and in Interior Design. I was ambitious and never satisfied. If I didn’t get a promotion, I would quit. Until one day God decided to make me reflect about life, and about priorities. That day I got into a nearly mortal car accident. It changed everything. We had a major training on the production cites with the car brand I was working for. My presence was not optional, it was mandatory. Although, the night before I saw a dream which made me feel preoccupied. I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, whilst a fat rabbit fell out of the sky and onto the windshield. Then a white pigeon flew towards the rabbit, sat next to it, and looked me in the eyes. I woke up with a strange feeling. I did not want to go to work that day, but my logic was stronger than my gut. I went anyways. That day our sales team’s car crashed on the highway. I was sitting in the passenger seat, just like in my dream. When hospitalised, a nurse came over to me and said: “You were lucky to have survived, that rabbit punch nearly killed you.” Only then have I realised the meaning of my dream. The rabbit being synonymous of death, whilst the white pigeon, of God saving me. I believe that I have survived for a reason. That reason is to pass on a message through YourSoulfulGuide – to remind you to always listen to your heart, to your gut and to pay attention to the invisible signs from God. That accident made me re-evaluate my lifestyle choices, my goals and my priorities. I finally understood what the gurus mean when they say: “Live in the moment”. Because we only have this life, and we are meant to live it. We are meant to live in the present, instead of reminiscing about our past and planning our future. We are meant to learn to detach from our thoughts and from our worries, in order to be in sync with the universe.

Ever since I awoke my soul through hardships and heartbreaks, the thought of helping people heal was a constant companion in my head. It seemed like such a ridiculous idea at the time, that I kept pushing it away for a very long time. I was being realistic. I am no doctor nor a certified psychologist. Helping people just seemed out of my league. Then something happened. I started writing down my thoughts. First in a notebook. Then on Instagram. As a means of self-expression. And then it hit me. What if my words could help someone heal? What if I could inspire someone to a path of self-transformation? And that is how YourSoulfulGuide was born. It is a collection of thoughts, experiences, and realizations that I have made throughout the years, after meeting spiritual masters and doing intensive reading on subjects of healing, meditation, spiritual psychology and yoga. Realisations that I want to share with my dear readers, in order to inspire them to always listen to their inner voice, to their heart. For them to take a leap of faith into the unknown; to have courage to swim in the depth of the human soul.

Yours Truly,