The world as a whole is now forced into a state of fear in the face of uncertainty. If it is not the fear of the coronavirus itself, it can very well be the fear of economic distress, job loss, business failure and inability to provide for ourselves and our families.

It is very easy now, more than ever before, to succumb to anxiety and distress, and drown our emotions in alcohol and food, in order to escape our demons. Running away from ourselves even in the most confined of isolations.

I’ve recently launched a YouTube channel called Hypnotic Yoga with the purpose of helping us to relax and to find moments of inner peace and tranquillity. The most recent Audio Hypnosis is a 30 minutes Guided Relaxation to help us release Fear, Anxiety and Negative Thought Patterns, as well as to create an Overall Wellbeing in our Mind, Body and Spirit.


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Your Soulful Guide is a holistic wellness community founded by Julsie Nova - a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher. It is a safe space of healing and transformation; a place where open-hearted writing and conversations help you to uncover your inner magic and the healer that lives within each and every one of us.

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