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I must admit, I am new to this. I am a newcomer in the field of crystals. But oh my am I happy to have finally transitioned into this place – the exciting and magical world of healing stones. I have heard so much about them. They are currently big on social media. Celebrities collect them. Yogis meditate with them. Spiritualists pray with them. Healers heal with them. But somehow, I was never very much convinced. Maybe because a lot of what we see on social media feels like a big fat commercial. And my typical response to a pushy salesperson is a quick and concise: “Thank you, but no thank you!”. For far too long I was not buying into the whole healing power of crystals buzz. Until one day…

“Cool Contrast” introduced me to Crystals.

fullsizeoutput_b15A company called “Cool Contrast” approached me on Instagram with a proposal – one post on my part in an exchange for a necklace with quartz crystals of my choice. I was curious and I agreed to test the effect of their necklace, then post an honest opinion on my Instagram page. I’ve picked Aquamarine Crystals Necklace because I’ve read about their power of clearing out one’s voice during public speaking. It was something I was struggling with during work presentations, hence I had plenty of occasions to test the necklace’s healing effect. I wore it a few times during work presentations where I had to speak in front of large audiences, and I was pleasantly surprised, as my voice hasn’t been clearer nor louder than it has been on the days I wore it. This healing effect did sprout my curiosity about crystals and vanished my skepticism about them. However, I was not obsessed enough to go purchasing more of them online or in specialist stores.

Nothing is left to chance.

IMG_5760I was not specifically looking for them, but it felt like they were looking for me. More reading material kept popping up on my computer screen. More Instagram posts caught my attention. But it was not until I got carried away with an impromptu walk on the tiny streets of my hometown Torino, in Italy, that I’ve bumped into a small specialist crystals store. I was living a fairly stressful period at work at the time and I needed assistance from the Divine to help me recenter. When I walked into the store, held by a Malagasy man, I was expecting nothing more than to browse around. Upon entering I saw a variety of quartz crystals sparkling and singing to my soul. They were all so beautiful…and oh my…were they pricey and  way out of my budget. Just when I was about to leave the store the owner stopped me and offered a 50% discount on any three articles of my choice. A tempting offer which I just could not refuse. I’ve picked a Clear Quartz, a Rose Quartz and an Amethyst.

Why these specific ones? Because I felt them calling out to my soul. I know I sound a little nuts, but I promise that there was no pre-programmed  reading or research done on my part. I just went with my gut and picked the ones I liked. And as I’ve discovered later on, I couldn’t have made a better choice…

How have these three crystals helped me in my tough times ?

54d69654-81d2-42f3-a03d-b599dcd6cfc7Amethyst, a violet quartz crystal, attuned me with the frequency of calm and made my sleep more profound and relaxing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the stress I was undergoing at work was taking a toll on me. I was having a hard time to fall asleep at night due to too many  rambling thoughts. I discovered the healing power of this stone by doing some reading on the internet and decided to test it on myself. I would hold it tight in my palm at night, or place it under my pillow during sleep. Indeed, this crystal helped me to get back to my normal sleeping pattern. Later on, I’ve discovered another important healing property of this stone – the one of protecting travelers from danger and assisting them to arrive safely to their final destination. As a result, it became a habit of mine to hold an amethyst stone in my palm, or to carry it in my purse, during long-distance travels, making me feel safe and protected.

krystal-ng-PrQqQVPzmlw-unsplashRose Quartz, a pale pink crystal, made me tune into unconditional love. It helped me to elevate my consciousness when I needed it the most. It was when I was having a hard time to forgive a certain person. Somebody whose hate and jealousy I could feel from afar, but which I was unable to transform into forgiveness. Instead, I would carry their  anguish in my heart, which through time transformed itself into an actual physical pain. In order to try and alleviate the pain I would place a Rose Quartz Crystal on my chest and lay down in a meditative state for about 20 minutes. To my great surprise, the healing effect of this stone worked wonders from the very first attempt. The  pain steadily dissolved, whilst pleasant warmth spread out across my chest. I have even observed a slight vibration of the stone. In the process, my painful feelings got transformed into forgiveness, and I could finally see the  situation in a whole new light; with the eyes of compassion and reverence.

kira-auf-der-heide-HU1pjVyVdXI-unsplashClear Quartz, a colourless and transparent crystal, helped me to open up my mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of Spirit to be transmitted and translated into the physical world. Once again, being unable to cope with the situation at work, I was desperate for guidance, but not just any guidance. I didn’t need an advice of a friend; I needed answers from above. So I decided to try out a technique that a spiritual healer once taught me during one of our Reiki sessions. He told me that whenever I was feeling lost and confused I could call upon God and my Guardian Angels whilst sitting in silent meditation, and answers would come to me in a form of an intense gut feeling, my own thoughts or some sort of clear sign. Since I am not very good at visualising, I was not quite sure how capable I would be to start a conversation with the Divine. Thus, I decided to use a clear quartz stone in order to help me get there as its main property is that of helping us to create a connection with the Spirit World. I lay down with my eyes closed and clasped tightly to my crystal stone. Instead of Guardian Angels I decided to call upon the spirit of my dear departed grandmother, who loved me unconditionally, and since a very early age taught me how to pray and to believe in messages from God. To my surprise, in only a few minutes, I have managed to establish a connection – I was having a mental conversation with my grandmother, or better, an exchange of inner feelings and emotions, and a deep knowing of her divine presence. Tears started  rolling down my face. The whole thing felt so surreal. I could almost see her standing there in the corners of my mind. Her gentle voice kept telling me how much loved and protected I am by the angelic realm. She told me that I had nothing to worry about and nothing to fear, as all was going to God’s divine plan. Slowly, fear dissolved. Anguish departed my psyche and got replaced by love. I was left with a feeling of heavenly inner-peace and an intense warmth in my heart. Clearly I was visited by angels. It was a sign that the Divine Source could be accessed by anyone anytime, with a little faith and a little help from a Clear Quartz Crystal.


Other two crystals that I’ve acquired to protect my aura from envy, ill-wishing and bad energies are: Labradorite and Black Tourmaline. The first one is in a form of a necklace, and the second one, in a form of a bracelet. I wear them occasionally, whenever I feel the need for protection. And most importantly I make sure to clean them with rock salt after using them for more than 10 times in order to cleanse out the negative energy that has been absorbed. Finally, I recharge them in the sun for 30 minutes, together with other crystals.

Many cultures believed crystals to be incarnations of the Divine. Incarnations or not, in my opinion, they are definitely filled with the properties of a Master Healer Teacher. More so, today’s healers agree, that crystals are living beings, incredibly old and wise, who are willing to communicate with an individual whenever the latter is open and ready to receive Divine guidance.

Heading Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Clear Quartz Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

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