What are you up to this winter? Are you stuck in your city because of work obligations, family burdens or simply because you’re low on cash? Please save the excuses. There is no such burden that you have no power over. What if instead of floating in your day-to-day routine of life you would make an effort to get out of your comfort zone? I can’t think of a better way to do this than travel. Getting away from all of the smog, stress and noise of whichever busy city you’re living in is absolutely priceless.IMG_2455

If you are low on cash, then decrease your spending on unnecessary drinks and dinners, clothing or whatever other monetary weaknesses you’re facing. Save up a little. It’s not like you have to buy tickets to the Bahamas in order to feed your soul with travel. A day trip or a weekend to the nearby mountains can be a life-changer too.

If you are a workaholic, and you think that without you the company you work for will simply go bankrupt, well think again. Because taking some down time can actually make you a more productive worker. Don’t be afraid to let go of your busy schedule, put your phone on airplane mode and just go enjoy some fresh air and a breathtaking scenery.

If you are carrying a burden of being a mother or a father, and you think that getting away from your family obligations is simply impossible – that’s an excuse again. Just get away for a day or two. If you need to hire a nanny, then hire a nanny. Leave the responsible and adult aspect of yourself at home, and go reconnect with your inner child. Because it’s not only your kids that want to play, you want that too, but you’re just suppressing that need. We are all kids at heart remember? We are all wearing a mask of an adult which we’re too afraid to take off, although taking it off is exactly what we need in order to feel lighter, happier and more alive.

IMG_2420A weekend get-away to the mountains was exactly what I needed to fully relax and regenerate, and Courmayeur, in Aosta Valley, located at the foot of the Southern Side of Mont Blanc, was the perfect destination. Only a 2 hours drive away from my hometown Torino, this location offered a great variety of wellness hotels at reasonable prices, and the weather forecast was promising clear blue skies and loads of snow for that weekend.

I wanted this retreat to be magical, in order to restore and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. My whole being was craving a relaxing getaway in order to break up the monotony of my daily routine.

I’ve picked Hotel Gran Baita Wellness & Spa by doing a little research on trip advisor. It offered great reviews and fairly affordable prices. It had all of the necessary characteristics for somebody looking to reconnect with their soul, to get some rest and plenty of oxygen.

IMG_2493I couldn’t have made a better decision. The hotel spoiled me with everything and more – magic, peace and quiet, as well as a top-notch service. The outside terrace was ideal for my morning yoga sessions surrounded by wilderness, quietness and fresh air. The pool was perfectly heated for outside swimming. The relaxation room offered comfy beds, hot teas and veggies for snack – exactly what one needs after long sauna and hammam sessions.

Not only have I managed to immerse myself into the wellness part of this trip, but I have also had time to wander around the top of Mont Blanc. Once arrived to the summit, I’ve plunged my hands deep into the snow and made plenty of snowballs to play with. Simply because it recalled some wonderful childhood memories, and made me feel young, vibrant and full of life again. And what could be more priceless than reconnecting with one’s inner child?

To get the feel of this trip take a peek at a few photos that I’ve taken during my stay in Courmayeur (and for videos visit my Instagram page @julsie.nova ) :














ADDRESS : Strada Larzey – Entrèves, 2, 11013 Courmayeur AO, Italy 

TELEPHONE : +39 0265 822020


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Your Soulful Guide is a holistic wellness community founded by Julsie Nova - a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher. It is a safe space of healing and transformation; a place where open-hearted writing and conversations help you to uncover your inner magic and the healer that lives within each and every one of us.


    1. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. You look so peaceful here- and isn’t that what we’re all chasing at the end of the day? I’m happy to see someone grab a slice.
      Blessings, Julsie 💫

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  1. You re so right!!! Thanks for all the kickass motivation! You rock girl, and the shots are absolutely stunning!!! Thank you for sharing you beautiful thoughts and experiences💛🙏🏼💖💞🌸

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