New Moon in Scorpio started on November 18 at 11:42am Universal Time and its waxing crescent phase will last for 8 days.

This New Moon period brings an opportunity for instant transformation : it is time to take  risks and to swim in the depths of our soul. During this period we can find courage in ourselves to stand up for our truth, and as a result remove all of the obstacles and resistance standing in our way. Now is the moment to move mountains. It is the moment to set intentions.

Are you ready to be vulnerable and face your fears?

Are you ready to turn your back to the old and open the door to the new? 

Scorpio speaks his mind unapologetically, and takes no shit. You either take it or leave it. This might be a frightening journey into yourself, but where there is fear, there is road to transformation. 

During this New Moon the Universe is encouraging us to look deeper into ourselves and to identify that which needs to be fixed. It is time to quit drinking, smoking, and any unhealthy relationships and bad habits that we’ve been stuck upon for too long. It is time to embrace all of our past painful experiences as important life lessons which served our spiritual development – making us stronger, more compassionate and wise. It is time to stop running from ourselves and our darkest shadows. It is time to focus upon sexual healing, emotional transformation and forgiveness.

Take some quiet time for yourself to reflect. Set new intentions. Write them down. Make them happen.

Take off your mask and let go of control. Let go of fear of being judged. Become vulnerable. Get closer to another human without fear of being seen for who you really are. You might not have all of the answers, but do you really need to? Stop obsessing and controlling of what might be or what could have been. Embrace the NOW, and open your heart to the unpredictable magic of the NEW. 

Photo by Alyssa Boobyer on Unsplash

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Your Soulful Guide is Julsie Nova - a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher. Her journey into helping others started with the launch of @YourSoulfulGuide - an Instagram account which has gained thousands of followers throughout the years, meant to inspire readers to reflect, heal and transform themselves. Although Julsie has been deeply spiritual since early childhood, she became truly committed to this path at the age of 27, when she finally recognised her sensitivity as her strength. She holds a Coaching and Hypnotherapy Certification from Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy (MCCH) in the UK, a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from Zuna Yoga in Bali and a 60 hour Yin Yoga Training from Rise & Shine Yoga in Spain. She combines her acquired knowledge in therapy and yoga with her intuitive gift in order to help individuals get connected to their Soul - guiding them towards deep relaxation, release of anger and anxiety, as well as self-healing of deeply rooted traumas, fears and phobias. Through her blog posts, yoga classes, guided meditations, workshops and intuitive hypnotherapy sessions Julsie helps individuals to restore their mind, body and soul balance, as well as to uncover the healer or guru that lives within each and every one of us.


  1. “This might be a frightening journey into yourself, but where there is fear, there is road to transformation.”-This part, perfect.

    “Take off your mask and let go of control. Let go of fear of being judged. Become vulnerable. Get closer to another human without fear of being seen for who you really are.”-Also, perfect.

    …Know what, all of it…PERFECT 🙂 What I learned and observed in yoga tonight is this is soon to be the Age of Aquarius. The new age of information and depth and truth. At once when we hated our smart technology, we are now beginning to evolve at a high rate in order to truly observe all the information we must in order to become truly, us. At once, brief moment in time, it all controlled us and now we’re learning how to adapt and let it be a tool and not an addiction.

    What you’ve written here, is further proof of all that we get to do on the grand scale. As well as further proof of your true depth, wisdom, character and beauty.

    I’m glad you were inspired like you were Jul. Truly 🙂


  2. Thank you once again for reading my posts and for taking the time to comment! I have been in a self-reflective phase during this New Luna. Looking back at the past and challenging my fears. I can feel the power of transformation within supprted by the new moon, thus I was inspired to post a short and informative blog about it. 😊💖🙏🏻


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